One-Stop-Shop case digest on right to object and right to erasure

22 May 2023

The one-stop-shop thematic case digest on the right to object and right to erasure offers insights in how data protection authorities (DPAs) analyse the internal processes implemented within organisations to comply with these rights, lists the most frequent infringements and gives an overview of which corrective measures have been issued. Cases cover for example the exercise of the right to object to direct marketing or the wish of individuals to erase their account or online data profile.

The EDPB commissioned the one-stop-shop case digest as part of the Support Pool of Experts programme, which aims to support cooperation among SAs by providing expertise and tools related to enforcement.

Project conducted by external expert Prof. Alessandro Mantelero and completed in December 2022.

Objective: Thematic one-stop-shop case digests are drafted on the basis of one-stop-shop decisions taken from the EDPB’s public register (based on Article 60 of the GDPR). Such case digests complement the EDPB's public register by selecting and presenting the most important decisions on a given theme and providing an overview and aggregate results of relevant decisions on this theme.

One-Stop-Shop case digest 139.5KB