Guidelines 9/2022 on personal data breach notification under GDPR

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The European Data Protection Board welcomes comments on the targeted update made Guidelines 09/2022 on personal data breach notification under GDPR. The targeted update and this public consultation concern paragraph 73 of the Guidelines (marked in yellow in the document). Such comments should be sent 29th November 2022 at the latest using the provided form.

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Date Feedback reference Type Country Submitted by
29 November 2022 09/2022-0001 DPO/Professional Association Czech Republic Spolek pro ochranu osobních údajů View feedback
19 October 2022 09/2022-0002 Company/business organisation Germany Christine Jülich / General Counsel View feedback
29 October 2022 09/2022-0003 DPO/Professional Association France RASLE Bruno View feedback
03 November 2022 09/2022-0004 Individual United States Grant Barrett View feedback
03 November 2022 09/2022-0005 Company/business organisation New Zealand Jefferson Tukimata View feedback
05 November 2022 09/2022-0006 Academic/research institution Netherlands Jeroen Knijff View feedback
07 November 2022 09/2022-0007 Academic/research institution Netherlands Jeroen Knijff View feedback
11 November 2022 09/2022-0008 Company/business organisation Ireland Data Protection Representative Limited (trading as DataRep) View feedback
25 November 2022 09/2022-0009 Company/business organisation Estonia Veriff OÜ View feedback
28 November 2022 09/2022-0010 Business association Belgium Federation of European Data and Marketing (FEDMA) View feedback