Privalomas sprendimas Nr. 1/2023 dėl Airijos priežiūros institucijos pateikto spręsti ginčo dėl bendrovės Meta Platforms Ireland Limited vykdomo duomenų perdavimo jos Facebook paslaugos teikimo tikslais (BDAR 65 str.)

Adopted on: 13 April 2023 Published on: 09 January 2024

The EDPB Binding Decision 1/2023 relates to an own volition inquiry on transfers of personal data outside of the EU/EEA carried out on the basis of standard contractual clauses. It addresses several questions including, in particular, whether additional corrective measures were warranted for the infringement found, namely an administrative fine and a compliance order for personal data of European users transferred in violation of the GDPR.

Please find the decision of the IE SA in the EDPB Register for Decisions taken by supervisory authorities and courts on issues handled in the consistency mechanism or directly here.

Privalomas sprendimas Nr. 1/2023 1.7MB