The EDPB has adopted its binding decision: when is it notified to the relevant national Data Protection Authorities (DPAs), in which language and what happens next?

Once the EDPB has adopted a binding decision, the EDPB Chair notifies the binding decision to the relevant national Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) without undue delay.

Prior to the notification, the binding decision is translated into the languages of the relevant national DPAs that have to adopt a final decision or take measures at national level on the basis of the binding decision1. Translation and proofreading can take a few weeks. In any case, the English version of the decision is the only authentic language version.


Next step for the relevant  Data Protection Authorities (DPAs)

Once the relevant SAs have been notified of the binding decision, a decision has to be adopted at national level to implement the content of the binding decision. This decision will be adopted without undue delay and at the latest one month after the EDPB has notified its decision.
For cross-border cases where no consensus was found (Art. 65.1 (a) GDPR), the final decision will be addressed to the controller or processor and, where relevant, to the complainant.


  1. Please see paragraphs 6 and 7 of Art. 11 of the EDPB Rules of Procedure. In exceptional cases, other Concerned Supervisory Authority (CSAs) can request, providing the reasons, an urgent translation in their official EU language(s) no later than at the moment of adoption of the binding decision.