Recommandations 01/2020 sur les mesures qui complètent les instruments de transfert destinés à garantir le respect du niveau de protection des données à caractère personnel de l’UE

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The European Data Protection Board welcomes comments on the Recommendations 01/2020 on measures that supplement transfer tools to ensure compliance with the EU level of protection of personal data.
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Date Feedback reference Type Country Submitted by
11 November 2020 R01/2020-0001 Business association Belgium Magali (Maggie) Feys View feedback
11 November 2020 R01/2020-0002 Business association United States Gary LaFever View feedback
16 November 2020 R01/2020-0003 Individual Netherlands Jop Fellinger View feedback
17 November 2020 R01/2020-0004 DPO/Professional Association Spain Asesores Jurídicos Alemany y Asociados View feedback
19 November 2020 R01/2020-0005 Individual Germany - View feedback
20 November 2020 R01/2020-0006 Academic/research institution Italy Enrico DEL RE, University of Florence and CNIT View feedback
25 November 2020 R01/2020-0007 Individual Italy riccardo lala View feedback
30 November 2020 R01/2020-0009 Individual Finland Jukka Hassinen View feedback
30 November 2020 R01/2020-0010 Company/business organisation Austria Kapsch TrafficCom AG View feedback
30 November 2020 R01/2020-0011 Business association Poland Employers of Poland View feedback