EDPB picks topic for 2024 Coordinated Action

17 October 2023
Launch of coordinated enforcement

During its October plenary, the EDPB selected the topic for its third coordinated enforcement action, which will concern the implementation of the right of access by controllers. Further work will now be carried out to specify the details in the upcoming months and the action itself will be launched in 2024.

In a coordinated action, the EDPB prioritises a certain topic for data protection authorities (DPAs) to work on at the national level. The results of these national actions are then bundled and analysed, generating deeper insight into the topic and allowing for targeted follow-up on both the national and the EU level. Last year, the EDPB selected the designation and position of data protection officers (DPOs). The report on the outcome of the 2023 coordinated action will be adopted in the coming months.

Earlier this year, the EDPB published the report on the outcome of its first coordinated action on the use of cloud-based services by the public sector.

This new coordinated action follows the EDPB’s decision to set up a Coordinated Enforcement Framework (CEF) in October 2020. The CEF is a key action of the EDPB under its 2021-2023 Strategy, together with the creation of a Support Pool of Experts (SPE). The two initiatives aim to streamline enforcement and cooperation among DPAs.