Consistency Findings

We use the consistency mechanism to promote consistent application of the GDPR by European supervisory authorities:

  • Opinions
    We can issue opinions on any matter of general application of the GDPR, or any issue having an effect in more than one member state.

    In addition, we issue opinions on some decisions made by European supervisory authorities, which have cross-border effects. Authorities must share their draft decisions with us before adoption; we will then issue an opinion on them.

    If authorities fail to respect an opinion issued by the EDPB, we may adopt a binding decision.

  • Binding decisions
    The GDPR creates a dispute resolution system, allowing us to make binding decisions, where different supervisory authorities take different views or a national authority does not follow the opinion of the EDPB on a draft decision subject to consultation. Our binding decisions should be respected by national supervisory authorities when making their decisions.