AI Auditing

27 June 2024

The AI Auditing project aims to map, develop and pilot tools that help evaluate the GDPR compliance of AI systems and applications are GDPR compliant.

The EDPB launched this project in the framework of the Support Pool of Experts programme, at the initiative of the Spanish Data Protection Authority (DPA).

Project completed by the external expert Dr. Gemma Galdon Clavell in February 2023.



This project helps all parties understand and assess data protection safeguards in the context of the AI Act. In particular, it may help DPAs to inspect AI systems by defining a methodology in the form of a check-list to perform an audit of an algorithm and proposing tools that would enhance transparency.

This project includes several deliverables:  

Checklist for AI auditing 376KB
proposal for AI leaflets 269.2KB
Proposal for Algo-scores 473.7KB