EDPB Statement : EDPB cooperation on the elaboration of guidelines

16 December 2021

The European Data Protection Board has adopted the following statement:

The deliberations of the EDPB often involve complex issues of principle and law. In seeking to ensure the consistent application of the GDPR, the process leading to consensus or majority positions on matters before the EDPB involves accounting for sometimes divergent views and analysis, as well as national case law and procedures. Within the framework provided by the GDPR, the Members of the Board work together in a respectful manner to reconcile and reach common meaningful decisions. That the starting point is not a unified view is not a failure of data protection authorities or a lack of integrity on the part of any of the authorities that hold one position or another – it is simply the GDPR working as intended. In this regard, although not binding in themselves, Guidelines and Recommendations of the EDPB reflect the common position and understanding which the authorities agree to apply in a consistent way. The EDPB Members, in their contributions to the work of the EDPB, act in compliance with the duty of sincere cooperation in the interest of the effective functioning of the EDPB.